About Us

About Us

Vertical Medicine Resources is a medical guiding and consulting team dedicated to provide training and support for clients in a vertical environment. Whether at the local crag, a desolate alpine ridge, or trekking through remote highland villages, our mission is to assist individuals and groups for their adventures in vertical and mountainous terrain, prevent injuries while in these surroundings, and overcome challenges to succeed in their personal and professional summits.

We accomplish this mission by providing a host of services and products for individual climbers and mountaineers, guiding and rescue companies, and expeditions. We offer a variety of training opportunities that are customized to the needs of our clients and range from our popular one-day climbing medicine clinic and Climb Prepared series of climbing medicine/self-rescue offerings to Wilderness First Responder (WFR) courses/re-certifications and varying levels of expedition support depending on client need.

For guiding and rescue companies we offer guide-only WFR and re-certification courses and first aid protocols that better prepare your staff to respond to emergencies and meet company insurance requirements.

We also provide individualized training and physical preparation programs for teams preparing for expeditions around the world. Our support team is ready to get you up to speed in climbing medicine and prepared for the physically demanding goals of your team.

Within our online store, The Cache, we offer a range of items to assist all of our customers in preparing, preventing, and treating injuries while in a vertical environment. Organized around the ’10 essentials’ concept, our store is constantly updated as we search, find, and provide the best gear available in the industry. This includes our first aid kits ranging from our unique climber focused, Crag Kit to our fully customizable first aid kits built specifically to meet the needs of our clients and focused on size of group, destination, and length of trip.

At the foundation of all we do is the desire for our clients to safely and successfully reach their personal summits. Our website is chock-full of information for adventurers. Please contact us if you have a question or need not specifically addressed within these webpages. Thank you for your interest and we look forward to helping you toward your vertical goals.

-- The VMR Team