Why work with us?

Why Work With Us?

Vertical Medicine Resources is dedicated to helping you succeed in the vertical environment. Whether at your local crag or on a desolate ridge we are there for you with instruction, gear, and support to help you attain your goals in the mountains.

Your success is THE measure of our success. Everything we do, from our instructional offerings to our first aid gear, is built upon scientifically based principals and research. Let us ‘tie in’ with you and help you achieve your personal and professional summits…whatever your vertical inclinations. Here are some comments from previous client organizations:


Seneca Rocks Climbing School - 

I wanted to take a moment to thank you for your efforts, during our WFR-R course at Seneca Rocks Climbing School. You did a great job of stressing the material that is most relevant to us as rock climbing guides, while still covering the vast breadth of the WFR subject matter. The day we spent on the rocks, applying wilderness medicine principles in climbing scenarios, was especially valuable. As a result, I have the skills and confidence to assist in a medical emergency. Overall, Vertical Medicine's Basic Wilderness Life Support is far superior to other WFR courses.
Garry Blevins
Climbing Guide, SPI
Seneca Rocks Climbing School (SRCS)

RescueMed and Survive First Aid (Australia) -

In April 2016 RescueMed and Survive First Aid hosted the first Advanced Wilderness Life Support Course (AWLS) in Australia. To help run the course Seth Hawkins from Vertical Medicine Resources (VMR) kindly flew down under and provided some awesome support. The course was a great success and in no small part this was due to the knowledge, professionalism, experience and friendliness of Seth and VMR. Not only did they help with the presentations on the course but also in mentoring the future AWLS trainers here in Australia, We cannot thank Seth and VMR enough and we hope to work closely with them again in the future, bringing some climbing specific courses to the land down under!
Adam Kershaw
Survive First Aid, Australia

Kern County, California Fireline Paramedics - 

Kern County Fire is dedicated to providing the best possible training for its Fireline Paramedics. The fireline environment can be categorized as an extreme austere setting to practice paramedicine.  These conditions require specific wilderness medicine training to ensure our paramedics are ready to handle the most extreme of cases in the worst environments imaginable.  The Advanced Wilderness Life Support (AWLS) course offered through Vertical Medicine Resources met our needs for wilderness medicine training. The staff at VMR are top notch with real life experience working in austere environments. VMR took the time to learn our local protocols and really ensured our students were getting the training they needed to competently perform as wilderness medicine practitioners. I highly recommend Vertical Medicine Resources for any wilderness medicine training needs you may have.

Guy Lawrence
Kern County Fire Department
EMS Coordinator

Kern Co Logo

Seneca Rocks Climbing School (SRCS) - 

WFR Re-Certification that Vertical Medicine Resources (VMR) offered the weekend of 2/21-2/23 was one of the best medical training courses I've taken over the past 20 years. The concept was to focus the course on the types of injuries and illnesses a climbing guide would likely respond to. VMR chose to emphasize wound management, fractures, dislocations and c-spine among many topics, which are the exact things we have encountered in our rescues at Seneca Rocks. Particular attention to c-spine issues was super helpful as this is not normally an easy decision. Working with other course participants who had the same level of knowledge was also a big plus, as well as being taught by climbers who have first hand knowledge of real life climbing accidents and wilderness experience.

Diane Kearns
Seneca Rocks Climbing School (SRCS)

Asia Outdoors (Emergency and First Aid Protocol Development and Training -- Vietnam) -

The staff at Vertical Medicine Resources was outstanding throughout their work for Asia Outdoors. From our initial conversations, through their on-site climbing medicine training of our Western and Vietnamese guides, to their follow up assistance and recommendations for our first aid and evacuation procedures, we here at Asia Outdoors could not be more pleased. They were prompt with communications, flexible in training dates, and considerate of our staff's language and skill levels as we are a multi-national organization. Their efforts have made a huge difference in our staff's preparedness for emergencies and helped us insure a safe experience for our clients. Their focus on our location and client specific needs was exactly what we needed. I would recommend Vertical Medicine Resources to any guiding service looking to better prepare their staff for emergencies and to enhance their medical training with a specific focus on the terrain and location where they are based. We have added a great deal of their detailed initiatives to our induction and training manuals and this is certainly an ongoing value added benefit of the on-site training. In addition, Asia Outdoors and Vertical Medicine Resources have kept in touch well after the on-site training. The on-going assistance and suggestions have been very useful in the refinement of current programs as well as the development of new excursions. It has been an all around wonderful experience working with the team at Vertical Medicine Resources, both on a personal and professional level.

Onslo Carrington
Asia Outdoors (formerly Slo Pony Adventures)

Selkirk Expedition Canadian Rockies 2012 -

When I asked VMR for their recommendations on what I should take in my first aid kit for a climbing expedition to the Selkirk range in the Canadian Rockies, what I expected was very different from the answer I received. I was blown away because not only did they provide me with a list of supplies and medications, but a complete dossier on my destination and other information that I should be prepared for.

The report was so thorough from what type of weather I should expect, to emergency contact and medical history forms for the whole climbing team. Having attended their training seminars in the past, it shouldn't have come as any surprise given their quality of instruction and attention to detail. Not only are they knowledgeable and professional about the subject of climbing medicine, their perspective is unique because as climbers, they know exactly what kinds of situations you are likely to face.

Thanks again for everything.

Elaina Arenz
AMGA Certified Rock Instructor
Owner, New River Mountain Guides


American Alpine Club Craggin' Classic - 

On a scale of one to ten, how competent are you in dealing with an emergency situation outside, on the rock, exposed to the elements?  Accidents are around every corner and no one sees them coming.  Situations can spiral quickly if you are not prepared to act appropriately in a first aid situation.  Vertical Medicine Resources (VMR) is dedicated to empowering climbers with knowledge and education, to ensure first aid preparedness, so you can minimize risk and focus on the fun things.  VMR takes efficiency and minimalist ideals into consideration, and teaches participants how to use lightweight every day items, especially climbing gear, in first aid situations.  They dial it up as well, and give great gear and kit critiques for all experiences.  

Vertical Medicine Resources’ Climbing First Aid clinic offered incredible value to the American Alpine Club’s Craggin’ Classic in the New River Gorge, WV.  Participants were very enthusiastic about this clinic and VMR’s instructors were professional and thorough in their course.    

Do yourself and your climbing partners a favor, and take a climber first aid class, don’t be a liability out there…you owe it to yourself, your partner, and the future of safe, successful climbing for everyone.

Lisa Hummel
Southeast Regional Coordinator
American Alpine Club

New River Bikes -

Thank you Vertical Medicine Resources for the outstanding course we received during our annual guides training. The American Red Cross CPR/AED/First Aid class was exactly what we needed and the best and most thorough we have taken. We are also very excited about the Vertical Aid Kit -- it is the perfect size and weight for our guides as they take clients through the gorge.

Andy Forron
New River Bikes

Expedition Lappdance Finland 2013 -

Dear Vertical Medicine Resources,

I wanted to take a moment and thank you for the incredible service your company offers, and the outstanding job that was done for my recent expedition.  VMR was an invaluable resource in our preparations as we headed out into an extremely remote area of the Finnish Arctic for an extended amount of time.

Starting with the pre-trip planning phase, Vertical Medicine Resources’ help was indispensable.  With so many aspects of an expedition to plan, and only my partner and I to share the work load, the folks at VMR did a great job of providing us with critical information regarding the environment, weather conditions, terrain, and the risks associated with them. They discussed in depth how we could mitigate these risks, as well as all other health concerns, in such a harsh and remote environment.  Many of these concerns were ones that my partner and I would have not thought about on our own, despite months of research, and the knowledge certainly made for a smoother and safer trip.

When putting in long days and lots of miles, every ounce counts. The folks at VMR prepared a medical kit for us that was custom tailored to the specific needs of our expedition. it was lightweight, thorough, and matched the first aid skills of my partner and I.  I have never been more excited, or had a better understanding, about my medical kit and its contents.

Once more, I would like to reiterate what a thorough, professional, and invaluable resource the Vertical Medicine Resources team was from the beginning to end of my expedition.  I will continue to use your company personally for all of my future expeditions, as well as recommend them it in the highest regard to others.

My most humble thanks,
Alan Goldbetter
2013 Expedition Lappdance

New River Rendezvous (New River Alliance of Climbers) -

Those of us who spend time outside doing potentially risky things far from quick emergency care owe it to ourselves and our partners to master some emergency medical skills.  Enter Vertical Medicine Resources who have developed a clear, concise, program for helping climbers manage emergency situations. This well-trained, professional team presented their climbing medicine clinic at the New River Rendezvous and brought calm, common-sense advice to a group of motivated climbers.  We were impressed with their practical suggestions and guidelines, thorough grasp of the subject matter, and their ability to convey the information in an easily digestible manner.  Participants acquired a solid foundation that will no-doubt help them in a crisis.  Vertical Medicine Resources provides a valuable service for climbers who desire to take personal responsibility for themselves in a wilderness setting.

Maura Kistler
New River Rendezvous Organizer