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Products & Services


Entering the vertical environment involves a great undertaking whether it be going vertical on water ice, sending a FA on a hidden crag, or venturing as a missionary to a remote high altitude village. With Vertical Medicine Resources, you may be going solo, but you will never be unassisted. VMR is your silent partner setting the anchor and belaying you to successful vertical pursuits.

Guiding/Rescue Companies:

Guiding clients or coordinating a search in a mountainous environment requires specialized skills and knowledge. Vertical Medicine Resources is ready to help better prepare your organization to overcome any challenge that you may encounter. We customize our training and products to fit your company’s needs, not the other way around. You can rest assured that our team will analyze your needs and present solutions to help you care for your team and clients. There is no such thing as a ‘cookie cutter’ solution in our book.

Expedition Support:

Heading into the mountains for extended periods calls for precise and coordinated preparation. Vertical Medicine Resources is here to help you plan and prepare for all contingencies. From pre-trip training and support to first aid gear to help prevent and treat injuries, let us shoulder some of your load and help get you to the summit.